I was sent the following paragraph that describes this site and what we offer. It was published on a blog to drum up donations for the Erythema Nodosum Research Fund. EN is a rare and painful disorder and mostly affects young women of child bearing years-but can affect anyone including children, the elderly, and men.

Whomever sent this out: Thank You! EN Research needs every dime we can get.


We all love our pets and treat them like family. From the best foods and daily tummy rubs to designer blankets and Swarovski crystal collars, nothing is too good for Maxie and Muffin. And now our beloved pets even have their own Poet Laureate.

Rebecca Strecker is a well-known writer who creates one of a kind poems for pets. Her clients decide whether they want a sonnet or a limerick. They describe one incident — Max Learns to Swim, Selena In the Show, Moonlight Eyes, or Mr. Grey in the Garden — they’d like captured forever, or request a memorial to a beloved friend’s lifetime of love and companionship. The poems range from happy to heartbreaking, and have included Ninja Kittens waging pretend wars on imaginary foe, the delights of sleeping in an old garden chair, how to steal snacks, Teaching A Human to Fetch. Clients describe the animal and the event, and Rebecca turns it into pure poetry. Her website,


has samples that are as much fun as the antics of a new puppy.

And just so the two-legged critters don’t feel slighted, Rebecca will even pen a personal idyll on behalf of humans. From Grandma’s Kitchen to lyrical wedding proposals, she captures the moment for clients around the country and around the world.

Who needs another birthday coffee mug when we can commission our own poetry. The very idea makes one feel like a Renaissance lord or lady!

For more information, contact Rebecca Strecker at


or check out the website at:


Prices start at $50.00 and she gives clients up to three re-writes to ensure their satisfaction.