I wrote this poem for my old friend, Irene:

Happy Birthday, Irene

by Rebecca Strecker


We were friends since we were schoolgirls

attending Junior High.

Now we are in our sixties.

The years are flying by.


We both married, you had children

who are grown or nearly so.

I went to California,.

You decided not to go.


Through all the miles and decades

we always stayed in touch.

We giggled at old stories:

This and that and such and such.


Somehow whenever we talk

it’s like nothing has changed.

Even though our lives took different paths,

were completely rearranged.


You have become my touchstone.

Ever close and always there.

Who knows where I have come from,

and reminds me to take care.


I wish you every goodness,

every pleasure life can hold.

And while the years may pile up,

may your heart never grow old.


I think of you most fondly,

especially today.

May our friendship greet tomorrow

stronger for our yesterdays.