Happy Silver Anniversary, Dear Craig
by Rebecca Strecker



Silver Anniversary Candle Favors

When anyone asks how I met you,
I think back to when I was  ten,
and of Carri who lived ’round the corner
and who was my very best friend.

Bethany, Oklahoma was our town,
known for Route 66 in its day.
Since you were Carri’s big brother,
we met when I went over to play.

You weren’t much older than I was,
just two years and two grades still and all,
I remember we kissed three years later,
a sweet kiss that I still can recall.

By the time I was 15 I loved you.
And I’d known you for five years by then.
The transition was easy and natural:
We became lovers after best friends.

Then as some couples do we decided
to try going our separate ways.
Till we found our way back to each other.
Adding tomorrows to yesterdays.

On the twenty ninth day of September,
there was no question for I was sure
that we were the happiest couple
and that our love would endure.

Our marriage was blessed with two children,
Heather and Heath, a girl and a boy
and now we have our Grandson Kooper
to add to the Smith’s Family’s joy.

Sometimes I’ll find myself humming
“You’re Still The One”, our special song.
And then I’ll will happily remember
that we are both where we belong.

Celebrating our first twenty five years,
of commitment of friendship and love
Craig, my dear,  I would do it all over
with the blessings of God up above.

What I’m saying is I’ve loved you only
since the days when I was just a girl.
And I’m so proud that you are my husband
as the next twenty five years unfurl.

Debbie had this poem written for her husband on the occasion of their 25th Wedding Anniversary. When she received it, she wrote:

“This is perfect. This is a beautiful poem…you are very talented.”