Josh and his girlfriend decided to write special notes to each other the night before their wedding–how romantic! Here is what Josh had me write. He gave me all the info I needed. The finished product was done in under a day–rush jobs like this require me to drop everything, and so I charge $100–which, if you think about it, is a bargain at twice the price! You can count on speed and quality for all your writing challenges when you contact me at


Josh to Stephany on the eve of their wedding:

We met on a blind date over four years ago.

Though I liked you a lot, we took it slow.

For I’d heard sad stories from the firehouse guys

who rushed to get married–how it wasn’t too wise.

I knew you were special right from the start.

With both beauty and brains, you captured my heart.

Then two years ago we decided to share

a mutual address—I was walking on air.

Just Schmoopy and me in our own little place.

A kiss in the morning and a late night embrace.

I learned more about you, your habits and such.

I learned to depend on your soft voice and touch.

And as we settled in, I wished it wouldn’t end.

Because more than a lover, you became my best friend.

Then I found myself thinking the next step is due,

for I’d already told you how much I loved you.

To the moon and back” is what we always say.

I’m so happy tomorrow is our wedding day!

You made me so happy when you said “Yes.”

You’ll be radiant wearing a white veil and dress.

I can’t wait for the moment to call you my wife.

It’s the most confident decision I’ve made in my life.

A Temecula winery will soon be transformed

to the place where our wedding will be performed.

I promise you now that whatever will be,

will be better because you married me.

I’ll always be there for you come rain or shine.

With my beautiful bride each day is Valentine.

And I’ll never forget the vows that I’ll make.

For better or worse and for Goodness sake.

Our next plan is to have some kids right away.

I can’t wait to start working on that night or day.

You’ll make a great Mom, of that I’ve no doubt.

Will you make all our kids eat organic sprouts?

There are only two things left for me to say:

My love for you grows with each passing day.

And tomorrow, you’ll make my dream come true.

When you look in my eyes and answer “I do.”