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Thank you for visiting poems2order. My name is Rebecca Strecker and I hope you will allow me to be your personal poet for every occasion. I have been writing quality poems and song lyrics since I was a young girl. It is my passion and joy. It is also a challenge to take the information you give me and turn it into a beautifully rhymed poem that is your personal property to enjoy as you wish. Feel free to publish it, display it, or tuck it away to be reread again and again. I live in beautiful Southern California with my husband and cats. Surrounding myself with loved ones, beauty, and peace inspires me to write my best for you.

A poem is a beautiful way to say “I love you”, “I’ll never forget you”, and “you are in my heart.” It’s an unforgettable way to say “Good Luck”, “I wish you happiness”, and “you have touched my heart”. A beautiful personal poem can make you laugh or cry, it can bring a light touch of whimsy, paint a never-to-be-forgotten word picture, and become a family heirloom and tradition for generation after generation.

I write in ANY style you like! My poems will make you cry or laugh out loud–depending on the way YOU want it written. Few poets can claim this.  Funny or  whimsical, sad or romantic–just let me know what you want and I’ll begin to create YOUR SPECIAL POEM right away.

I write to order for all the following occasions and others that you specify.

Personalized Poems for :


Birth of a Child




Get Well

Family Albums

Family Reunions

Father’s Day




Life Tribute

Milestone Birthdays

Mother’s Day

New Home

New Job

Marriage Vow Renewal

Pet Memorial

Pet Tribute




Thank You

Special Person Tribute


Wedding Shower

Satisfaction Guaranteed…three rewrites! Because poetry is subjective, I will provide up to three different revisions of each poem you commission in order to make sure that I have captured completely not only the substance of your input, but the spirit as well.

Writing poetry is what I love to do…and I want to do it right, to give you a memory that will last for generations, a connection with a loved one that will never disappear, and a bridge to memories that will never fade. Let me make it come true for you…

Poems2order is my only business, and each customer gets my full attention. This means that your quality poems can be created quickly….usually within a week.

I specialize in rhymed poetry. Few poets can take your personal information and structure it into a rhymed poem. The poetry I write for you also has rhythm and cadence. This makes the sound of your your poem lyrical and the reading of it effortless. You may not be familiar with these words, but you will appreciate the difference it makes.

How Do You Say?©
By Rebecca Strecker

How do you say
“I miss you today”
with more than a Hallmark
greeting cliche?

How do you say
“Please be my wife”
when you’ve been tongue tied
most of your life?

How do you say
“Thanks for the loan”
in a way more heartfelt
than two words on the phone?

Cards and e-greetings
say “congratulations”
but can’t mention names
or recount situations.

No time to sit down?
No time to compose?
The solution is sitting
right under your nose.

If you feel shy—
just can’t say what you feel,
Poems2order will say it
in a way that’s ideal.

Poems2Order expresses
the thoughts in your heart.
Because you are unique.
It sets you apart.

If you want what you say
to be reread for years
Rebecca can create
both laughter and tears.

So send her a line
let her do the rest.
She guarantees
you will be impressed.

Set her words to music.
Put them into a frame.
Sit back and wait
for the joy and acclaim.

Contact Poems2Order
and your troubles are through.
Pay by visa or PayPal
but not I.O.U.

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