Nothing is more romantic than a personalized wedding vow or marriage proposal poem! It is truly unique and brings to mind special events in your lives as well as your hopes and dreams for a beautiful future together. It can be as serious or as silly as you wish. Send me the details and let me craft a poem that will be treasured forever.

Marriage Proposal Poem©
by Rebecca Strecker


A year ago I met my dearest
Sweet Marie
I didn’t know back then
what magic was to be.

I thought you were a pretty girl
from that first day at the start.
But over these last twelve months
Marie, you won my heart.

Our first date wasn’t special,
a dinner and a show.
And then we made another date
to see how it would go.

I took you dancing
even though I wasn’t very good.
And you showed me a few steps
and I learned what I could.

Holding you close in my arms
I knew you were the one
for me to spend my whole life with
until our lives are done.

Please, Marie marry me
and wear this diamond ring.
For you have taught me more than dance,
you taught my heart to sing.

I Love You, Nanor

by Rebecca Strecker


This scrapbook of our time together

was a pleasure for me to create.

Each photo serves as a reminder

that , Nanor, you are my soul-mate.

We met way back in Two Thousand

when we were both Scout volunteers.

Then the Scouts reunited us later

in Armenia after six long years.

That trip to Armenia was magic,

with memories I’ll always hold dear.

For that’s when I knew that I loved you,

and hoped always to keep you near.

I’ll never forget “The Outback”:

a steakhouse where we had our first date.

And though you are a vegetarian,

we laughed and it turned out just great.

It’s been two and a half happy years now.

Since we kissed under nighttime beach skies.

I knew that I loved you the moment

that I gazed in your pretty blue eyes.

You’ve talents and gifts I admire:

You’re a tennis instructor and pro.

And though I’m no Roger Federrer

your tennis moves set me aglow.

We both know I’m no match in tennis

for a person with all your skill.

But I hope you know that my intentions

are for all of your dreams to fulfill.

Please unlock the tennis ball gift box

with this key that will open it wide

and accept my proposal of marriage

to become my beautiful bride.