A Marriage Vow Renewal Poem is  a testament to your love. It says your relationship has stood the test of time, that your love for each other has grown deeper, and that you’d do it all over again were you given the opportunity. Provide the highlights of your lives and let me weave it into a lyrical poem. Listen to the poem as you read it aloud. You can hear the melody of your love.  Your poem can be sung or set to music by any competent musician. Remember, I don’t “insert your name”,  I create each poem specifically for each person. I want you to be more than satisfied, so I will give you up to three re-writes to make sure you are. Poems2Order is my only business, so I can devote the time necessary to do quality work in a short time. Thank you for letting me help you say what is in your heart. Contact me at rebeccastrecker@yahoo.com

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Brian And Rosanna

Wedding Vow Renewal

The longer that I live, Rosanna,

the more I’ve come to understand

what a precious gift you gave me

when we married and you took my hand.

What I felt when I met you was “love at first sight”

from the moment I looked in your eyes.

All I knew is that I wanted you in my life,

how did a fourteen year old get so wise?

You wore your white boots for the ‘Goldies Parade’.

A pretty thirteen year old girl.

I can still close my eyes and remember that day

how you smiled and became my whole world.

Five years later we stood at the altar

I made vows that I’d always be true.

And I find that my love for you’s stronger

every day that I spend it with you.

You’ll laugh and say I loved your figure

and for sure that was a big part…

but it’s also your personality, Rosanna…

your manner, and generous heart.

We started our lives in Queens, New York

then New Jersey, and Florida’s West Coast

And now we call Tunkhannock our home.

Wherever you are beside me, that’s the place I love the most.

You’ve been my best friend for a lifetime.

My partner, my lover, my wife.

And believe me I know how lucky I am

every day that you share in my life.

We’ve brought different things to the table.

I’ve already had four careers.

While you have interests and hobbies

that have made our house “home” all these years.

We’ve been blessed with three fine children

who are grown and have lives of their own.

Now we are Proud Parents

enjoying the seeds that we’ve sown.

I wish all the grand kids could be here.

But of course they’re all in our thoughts.

So young Lucas will get the attention

like a prince in his grandparents’ court.

Here we are in lovely Cove Haven

with Honest Phil, our special old friend

We honeymooned here 35 years ago

and we’re happy to be back again.

It’s a beautiful thing to be in love everyday,

no matter what comes along.

Bobby Vinton sang “Every Day of My Life”

and it has become our song.

I’m the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve.

And it’s getting hard holding back tears.

I love you, Rosanna, more than poetic lines…

and I will for the rest of my years.

Brian commissioned this poem for his lovely wife, Rosanna for their 35th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal. He knew exactly what he wanted, and we finished the piece in only a few days.

This is a photo from our Vow Renewal in July.
I am so sorry I forgot to email this sooner.
The funny guy in the Photo is Honest Phil from Cove Haven.
It is AOK to use this photo on your website.
We had such a beautiful time with all our children there to celebrate with us.
I only made it to the second line before I started to break down. But I sucked it in and got through the whole poem.
Rosanna was completely taken back. She had NO clue that I had prepared this for her on our special day.
She actually had prepared her own vows just days before, but she thought we were not going to do that type of vows.
It was awesome. My kids loved it as much as I did.
I also framed it as I had planned and it now hangs on our wall in our home.
Thank You so much once again.
Brian and Rosanna Eso

Nayda and Rich

Fifth Wedding Anniversary and Vow Renewal Poem

by Rebecca Strecker


As we stand on this beautiful beach

with family and friends at our side

we’re marking our fifth anniversary

by renewing our vows near the tide.

As I look at the ocean then face you,

I remember the the day when we met.

You were an officer in far off Iraq.

Those are times I will never forget.

It was tough with you in active service.
But you phoned and wrote while in Iraq.
I have to admit I was frightened
and longed for the day you’d come back.

On our first date you took me to dinner:

a place called “The Italian Bistro”.

You proposed at the very same restaurant.

Just a bit over five years ago.

That evening was so romantic!

I will never forget how I felt

when you proposed marriage to me,

I honestly felt my heart melt.

You signed on to get more then a wife, Rich,

for I already had three fine boys.

Since you’d already been in a war zone,

I knew you could handle the noise.

Our house is quite full with five people

but with “date night” we do get away.

Running out to do errands, or take walks

are “alone times” we never delay.

You call the kids “our sons”, and treat them

exactly as sons of your own.

I hope that you’ll still feel that way, Rich

if they ever ask you for a loan.

To add to the fun and excitement

we adopted a cute shituzu pup.

We call little Duchess “our daughter”

except when her bark wakes us up.

Already we’ve taken five cruises,

we all go to the theater and such.

Since I married you, life’s been so good.

And I love you so very much.

We have had our share of challenges.

But together we always get through.

I know I can face any future

as long as Dear Rich I have you.

Nayda and Rich sent me this email today:

Nayda had this poem written especially for their 5th Anniversary and Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony.

Hello Rebecca,

We are back from our vacation and our vow renewal, it was wonderful. We picked a picturesque location in Rincon, PR at the Lighthouse Park, by the ocean.  Everyone liked the poem and my husband especially got a chuckle out of the “loan” part since we are dealing with my oldest son’s college loan at the present time.
Thanks again for a job well done.
Nayda & Rich

Vow Renewal Poem

By Rebecca Strecker



What can we do that is special and new

after we’ve grown old together?

What can we say in a special way

and keep the tone light as a feather?

What can we dream after all of our dreams

have either come true or else died?

Only a dream to do it again

if another chance God would provide.

So let us renew the vows we once took.

Let us stand up and hold hands again.

Let us announce to all who will hear

that you are still my very best friend.

Let us be grateful for all that we have

and especially all we have not.

For all the memories that we hold hold dear

and for all of the ones we forgot.

Let us take every day as a gift

as the voice of our love whispers low:

Love such as ours cannot be stilled.

Love such as ours only grows.

Marriage Vow Renewal Poem©
by Rebecca Strecker



When Jen and I met back in ’73
who could have guessed what was to be?

I’d never have thought we someday would wed
and have three fine children: John, Anita and Fred.

It hasn’t been easy. You know what I mean.
Some years have been bountiful and others lean.

But we had faith in Jesus and love for each other,
And Jen you were always the best wife and mother.

The time has gone quickly. The kids have all grown.
They have jobs and families and are on their own.

And so as we face our retirement years,
the time we have left seems even more dear.

This morning at church our vows we’ll renew,
giving me one more chance to say “I love you.”

Wedding Vow Renewal©
by Rebecca Strecker

I won’t be walking down the aisle.
High heels could make me falter.
Instead I will stand next to you
in plain view at the alter.

I’ll hold a solitary rose
to signify our love
No one will give the bride away
or release a snow white dove.

I will not wear a bridal veil
for I can see clearly now.
Nothing with block my vision
as I recite my wedding vow.

My dress will not be purest white.
Nor will I wear a train.
But I will feel the greatest joy
to marry you again.