This poem was written for a friend who was injured in a truck accident while on the job.

When You Least Expect It:

for our friend , Mark Cottingham

by Rebecca Strecker

When you least expect it,

your life becomes a wreck:

You’re on the job as usual

and then you break your neck.


It was hardly a day before

you leased a brand new car.

And now you’re in the ICU

{At least you think you are}.


Your jaw is dislocated.

You face is scratched and stitched.

The way they have you braced up,

you can hardly scratch an itch.


They say that you’ll be out of work

for months until you heal.

You’ll have to take it very slow—

no time behind the wheel.


So don’t back-talk the doctors,

because they know what’s best.

Relax and watch some movies

and most of all get rest.


Your friends will come and visit;

you’ll rarely be alone.

And if you want to have a chat,

just pick up the phone.


We’re thankful you’re still living.

They said it could be worse.

So with prayers for recovery,

we’ll end this little verse.