Christmas Visit©
by Rebecca Strecker

Reggie awoke on Christmas morning.
Freddie slept and Murray dozed.
Daddy’s tread: An early warning:
Feet shuffled past the mistletoe.
“Is it Santa?” Reggie mused
twitching his whiskers and his nose.

Reggie listened and heard sleigh bells.
It wasn’t Daddy’s feet at all.
Overcome with joy of Noels
Reg heard Santa trip and fall:
Come on guys it’s getting early
Merry Christmas one and all!”

Reg couldn’t wait a second longer.
He sneaked a peek beneath the tree.
His curiosity got stronger
He ripped the wrapping off with glee.
And hissedThese gifts are ALL for me!”
cat Christmas

I wrote this poem in a more difficult meter.  Notice the double rhyme [1 with 3 and 2 with 4 and final line].

It reminds me of the Poem The Raven By Edgar Allen Poe in style–but not in content.