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Rachael’s Birthday Puppy Gift from Grandma

By Rebecca Strecker


A pretty girl named Rachael

had a birthday coming up

At her party she blew candles out

and wished for a little pup.

Her grandma told her birthday candles

made wishes all come true.

And if she believed with all her heart

she would get her wish too.

When Rachael opened up her eyes

she looked all around.

But if a puppy gift was there,

it didn’t make a sound.

Then Grandma brought an odd shape box

with holes cut all around.

When Rachel opened up the lid

a puppy jumped out to the ground.

It was fluffy with a silky coat

and wore a little bow of pink

Rachael named her puppy Winky

because of the way he winked.


Winky became her best friend.

And they had fun every day.

She fed him and they went for walks

and always had time to play.

Kids poems are priced at $50.

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