I will write the PURRFECT Tribute or Memorial for your Cat


by Rebecca Strecker


Nobody knows where I came from,
and I’m not about to tell.
It’s a story I keep to myself,
but it turned out quite well.

I found myself where Rick works
and I know I was a mess.
I was hungry and so dirty—
I’ll be the first to confess.

Then Rick took me home to Cyndi,
and  much to their surprise
I became a handsome kitty,
right before their eyes.

I grew to be nineteen big pounds—
a friendly ball of love.
And fit into their happy home
like a hand fits in a glove.

They say I’m not intelligent,
but how dumb can I be
when I arranged for Rich to take me in
and be a Dad to me?

I have such simple tastes it’s true.
Dry Friskies suits me fine.
And unlike other Maine Coon Cats
on richer foods I will not dine.

My older sister, Kalin
left for Rainbow Bridge this year.
And even though I cannot see her,
I feel that she is near.

My new sister Katie Tulip
is as shy as she can be.
Why I often wonder
do the lady cats avoid me?

I love my daily brushing
and I really must admit
that getting shaved on my rear end
makes it chilly where I sit.

If your watching something on TV,
I hope the show is long
for I love to sit upon your lap
where we both know I belong.

I guess I’m just a big dumb guy
who had one great idea:
to get rescued and live happily
with Cyndi and Rick Garcia.

This poem was written for Rick and Cyndi Garcia who wrote to tell me how pleased they were with it:

Wow! This is so beautiful! Thank you so much!!!
We love it!! You’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And Shabby says You’re The Best!
You have a unique service that I have never come across. It’s very cool.
I will definitely contact you in the future for more stuff. You do great and creative work. Thanks,

Cat Poem for Older Cats/Written for a Cat Shelter
By Rebecca Strecker 6/25/08

I’ve been waiting here so long
For my “Forever Home”.
I’d nearly given up of finding
one to call my own.

Day after day I sat here.
I know I looked depressed,
while younger frisky kittens
moved to their new address.

Then you came and saw me,
and knew that I could be
the most devoted kitty,
and that’s why you picked me.

I hope you know how grateful
I am to have a place
To live the years that I have left
in dignity and grace.

I never will forget
all the kindness’ you’ve shown
an aging homeless kitty
who so needed a home.


Generic Cat Poem #2
By Rebecca Strecker 6/25/08

Murray shortly after he moved in

Murray shortly after he moved in

Tonight when all the lights are out
the kitties will remark
about which of them found new homes
as they sit in the dark.

They’ll notice I am missing
and they’ll remember seeing you.
They’ll know that they are many,
while good homes are so few.

They’ll say I was so lucky.
Indeed, I know that’s true.
There is no person in the world
I will love more than you.


I’ll Be Your Kitty/Song for a Children’s Book
By Rebecca Strecker 6/8/08

My Sweet Freddie

My Sweet Freddie

I’ll be your kitty! I’ll be your very best friend.
I’ll be your kitty! Someone on whom you depend.

I’ll never forget that your choose me to be
The one who came in from the cold.
I hope that we will stay friends for life
Until I grow old.

I’ll be your kitty! When others are too busy to hear.
I’ll be your kitty! Wherever you go, I will be near.

When you need love, I will be there.
Stroke me and confidence grows.
I will sit patiently beside your chair,
through all your highs and lows.

I’ll be your kitty! Ready for fun every day.
I’ll be your kitty! Ready for nap time and play.

Cuddle me close when you go to sleep.
We’ll have the happiest dreams.
When you awake, I’ll be your pal.
We’re on the winning team.

I’ll be your kitty! Whatever language you speak.
I’ll be your kitty! English or Spanish or Greek.

Tell me you love me with a pet.
I’ll understand loud and clear.
I’ll say I love you with a purr
When you stroke my velvet ears.

I’m Freddie Kitty! And every day with you is fun.
I’m Freddie Kitty! My sad homeless days are now done.


Walter, the Magical Cat
by Rebecca Strecker 2/21/08

Walter in the garden

Walter in the garden

Walter learned from Mr Grey
to appear to be much thinner
and thus encouraged us to feed
him seconds with his dinner.

From all those blocks he walked with Grey
he got into the habit
of running through the neighborhood
just like a snowshoe rabbit.

A cul de sac he learned to reach
by climbing up the tree
whose branches formed a ladder
as convenient as can be.

We had a secret door installed
in through the garden gate
and Walter’s lovely backyard
became prime real estate.

Yet even though he’s getting old
[and hasn’t many teeth]
Walter often will appear
somewhere across the street.

The thing that makes this magical,
such an amazing feat.
is that only moments previous
I saw him fast asleep.


Walter’s First Bed
by Rebecca Strecker 6/17/08

When Old Grey left Young Walter
kitty in our care
we invited him to come inside
and check out the swivel chair.

He found that it was comfortable,
but not quite hard enough
for even as a kitten
he was made of tougher stuff.

He walked around from place to place.
The carpet was ok,
But he kept searching all around
for the best place to stay.

He wandered into the bathroom,
all bare and gleaming white
and found himself the perfect spot
to bed down for the night.

The little sink just fit his shape
and it was slippery too.
and that higher vantage point
afforded quite a view.

Reggie’s Poem
by Rebecca Strecker 4/18/08

Young Reggie

Young Reggie

Little black kitten in a cage
will you be the one
to heal my sad and broken heart
now that my Marty’s gone?

Will you somehow find a way
to make me smile again
if not for every moment
at least for now and then?

Little kitten such a task,
perhaps a price too steep
to request of one so tiny
who asks just for board and keep.

Let us make a little pact:
food and a place to stay
in exchange for time upon my lap
at least once a day.


May 1991-June 20, 2008

Awaiting Ann at Rainbow Bridge

Awaiting Ann at Rainbow Bridge

Ann named me Juan Diego and I was lucky from the start.
She fed me when I showed up and she took me to her heart.

One day she saw me injured and she brought me to the vet.
Although I was an Alpha Cat, I became her loving pet.

I joined her other kitties, but I was still the king.
I called the shots and ruled the roost because that was my thing.

Blancha died before me and although she’s out of sight
She recently came to me in a dream I had at night.

She told me that an angel came and took her far away,
to a place where she was young again had food and time to play.

Blancha told me that she’d meet me, so I had no fear to die.
She said death was like a “So long”,not a permanent goodbye.

So now I’m here with Blancha and I’m feeling pretty great.
And we’ll enjoy this lovely place ‘till Ann meets us at the gate.

We’ll have a grand reunion, and all of us will hug.
And then we’ll live forever, surrounded in God’s love.

I received this message from Ann Selva:
“Your beautiful poem arrived today and I’m shaking and crying as I read your exquisite words. You captured so many aspects of Diego. I will treasure that poem always. I will display it and when Diego’s ashes arrive, it will be placed alongside him for all to read. What a loving, touching tribute to Diego.”


Now That You’re Gone


1992-April 15, 2008

Walter at Halloween

Now that you’re gone you’re everywhere.
I see you lounging in the garden chair.
I look across the street–you’re there
running merrily without a care.

I’ve taken all the bowls away.
No need for food or litter tray.
Yet places where you used to lay,
remind me of our days of play.

Now that you’re gone I see you more.
The way you’d scratch upon the door.
How every leaf you would explore.
Even how my calls you would ignore.

I’ll recall the way you walked with me.
The way you climbed the old peach tree.
And in my heart you’ll always be,
my dearest friend who now is free.

I wrote this poem about my special cat, Walter when he had to be put to sleep due to cancer at age 16. He was active and enjoying adventures until his last day. Dr. Tyler who lovingly put him to sleep had tears in his eyes as he read this poem and whispered “That’s beautiful. I’m so very sorry.” Then we all cried.


Freddie at the Window

Freddie loves to sit near me

Freddie loves to sit near me

Freddie takes the window seat
in every single room.
In the breakfast nook he watches
as the garden flowers bloom.

In the kitchen he can see the birds
that fly to tree and back,
He makes those funny kitty sounds
as though he will attack.

The family room’s a special place
where he can view the wall
beyond which our neighbors live
who don’t know Fred at all.

But the office is his favorite perch
where I typewrite all my poems.
For there Fred looks across the yard,
to a street he’ll never roam.

He watches kids play with a ball
or other cats like him.
He even sees opossums
who come out when it is dim.

Occasionally a big raccoon
will in the window peek
looking for a playmate
or a red goldfish to eat.

Freddie simply watches all
like a big screen TV.
For he is would rather look outside
and stay inside with me.


Two Cats

By Rebecca Strecker 01/30/02

Murray on the banister

Murray on the banister

Two cats dozed in a patch of sun,
upon the window sill.
Whose bay collected rays of warmth,
And views of snow-capped hills.

One cat with Siamese voice and form,
wore a coat of ebony.
His emerald eyes through shelter cage,
had once reached out to me.

The other cat, a Ragdoll:
purebred with violet eyes.
had lost two homes before us,
for bad habits much dispised.

We named the black one Reginald,
a royal name indeed,
He hid from everyone but us,
and never tried to leave.

Our Ragdoll, Murray bit and scratched,
both furniture and vets.
He always darted out the door,
and chased the other cats.

An even match in weight and age,
they played at kitty games.
“catch a bug”, “hide and seek”,
“jump up on window frames”.

Sometimes the games got fairly rough,
and fur would fill the room.
The sounds of cats-a-wailing,
a broken vase or two.

We are too old now to care,
of shreaded couch or breaks.
Boys will be boys, and cats be cats,
entitled to mistakes.

Without grandchildren to endulge,
we lavish all on cats.
With all the joys they bring to us,
we let them have their spats.

So with a “time out” session,
and some time to sleep it off.
our cats become best pals again,
forgetting their last scoff.

In time these two have mellowed out.
the timid one fears less.
And Murray never bites at all,
He’ll warn you with a hiss.

These two that ended up with us,
began so far apart.
And now they share our happy home,
and live within our hearts

I wrote this poem last night for a friend’s niece whose cat Kitty will be put to sleep today.

Goodbye Kitty
by Rebecca Strecker
Feb. 3, 2010

You were here since I was little.
Now it’s your time to go away.
It seems that you were part
of nearly all my yesterdays.

At twenty three you have outlasted
pets that were your peers.
And now my heart is breaking
as my eyes well up with tears.

Since you had lived so long with me
I hoped you’d never go.
And now my heart is breaking
as my mind is screaming “NO!”

Just let me stroke you one last time,
as I say my last “Goodbye”.
And now my heart is breaking,
though I know love never dies.

Yes, now my heart is breaking
for I’ll miss you oh so much,
until we’ll meet again and you will
know my gentle touch.

Reggie in my Lap©

by Rebecca Strecker

The house is cold. I brace myself
against the winter’s chill.
I sit and Reggie spies my lap,
the sight gives him a thrill.

He jumps upon it and begins
to purr and kneed my thighs
until he’s satisfied and sits
as though he’s won a prize.

Before long I am warm again.
Reg sleeps in ecstasy.
How symbiotic we’ve become,

my little cat and me.

I have  written several whimsical books starring my cats, and their friends –all in rhymed verse. The books are ready to publish except for the illustrations. If you want to be considered, please contact me at


Since cats are the main characters, the illustrator must be able to draw animated cats and characters that have a unique “look” and personality as well as expression. These stories have the potential not only as books, but animated films and MORE. I want to work with someone who shares my passion and dreams.