What is a limerick, Mother?
It’s a form of verse, said brother
in which lines one and two
rhyme with five when it’s through
and three and four rhyme with each other.

Surprise someone with a witty limerick that paints a word picture of Dad, Hubby, Sister, Boss or Best Friend. Your limerick gift can be the centerpiece of the party, from the banner hanging over the doorway to the icing on the cake (literally!). Why give someone you love another coffee mug or potted plant. An unforgettable limerick is worth a thousand smiles.

Examples of Limericks

My Aunt Sal is a wonderful Cook
Yet she never refers to a book
You could die for her pie,
and for the recipe cry…
But She will never give you a look!

My first cousin Eve met a guy…
and they both fell in love with a sigh.
Joe said “Do not tarry,”
Eve said “Yes, let us marry”
Congratulations on your new home in Rye!

There once was an actress named Lynne
Who enjoyed drinking vodka and gin.
and the more that she drank
the more her acting stank.
And now she’s an actress has been.

Small Devlyn is going on three
and would not let the kitty cat be.
when she stoked its fur
it often would purr
but then it escaped up a tree.

Just tell me the person’s name and ONE event or characteristic.

A nice change from the canned birthday or anniversary card.

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