This poem was written for Lynne Merrill, a woman who is an avid reader:

I Am A BookTo Be Read©
by Rebecca Strecker

Here I sit upon the shelf,
my pages growing old.
I hope someone will open me.
I’ve a story to be told.

We all see things in different ways.
Who knows what you will read:
A story of an old gray nag
or a noble aging steed?

I’m waiting for new eyes to gaze
upon my written words.
Perhaps they will resonate
or you’ll say I’m for the birds.

I only hope before I’m trashed
that I again will know
the joy of giving you my gift:
to help your mind to grow.
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Lynne Merrill wrote me: I love this.  I’m going to print it out and frame it for my bookcase!!!!


This poem was written for a woman whose husband lost his voice to a rare disorder called Spastic Dysphonia.

by Rebecca Strecker

You once used to sing and say funny things
that added joy to our marriage.
And then one day your voice went away,
a situation we both disparaged.

We figured it wasn’t a permanent thing.
Maybe a touch of laryngitis.
And that it would just run it’s course,
after your voice took a hiatus.

But that’s not what happened and I found myself
saying twice the words that were required.
Maybe I found silence hard to hear.
Talking for us both made me so tired.

The visits to doctors and to a speech coach
did not bring your old voice back to me.
In fact all the worry and running around
pretty much did quite undo me.

Now nothing you say gets short shrift or ignored.
I listen to gain comprehension.
Because I realize each word is a chore
and requires my utmost attention.

Silence is golden but Speech is a gift
nevermore to be taken so lightly.
And each time you tell me you love me so
I hold on to those few words so tightly.

I received a note saying  “This poem is both beautiful and inspirational, and I shall keep it where I can refer to it time and time again”.