This poem was written for a wife whose husband had attempted suicide and was in a locked ward in a mental hospital on a

“5150  or 72 hour hold”


By Rebecca Strecker



You’re my husband and lover,

my very best friend.

Although life has it’s problems

Our love will transcend.


We’ve been ‘lucky in love’

It’s a gift that is rare.

Though we’ve suffered some loss

Our love is still there.


Find your way back to “happy”

Recall how to be strong.

Any moment of doubt

is a moment too long.


Grab a hold of your power

and transform the past.

Build a solid new life

that will sustain and last.


With the thought of your voice

and your beautiful smile,

together we’ll come

thorough this horrible trial.


You’re my first thought each day

’till our last kiss each night.

I’ll be holding your hand

as your mind finds the light.