Read the first letter upsidedown. It is an answer to a proposal of marriage.

An Answer for Aaron “Forever and Always.”

March 6, 2014

Secretly, softly hidden inside a poem,

You asked me to marry, the sweetest love that I’ve known.

Aaron, Dear Aaron how could I say “no”

When bathed in the kisses of love’s magic glow?

Longing to live with you forevermore,

And spend every moment with the man I adore.

Descriptions of future days dance in my head.

New days and sweet nights with you in my bed.

A wondrous life filled with magic and fun:

Rejoicing each moment with my dearest one.

Eternal and lasting—you’re my soul-mate and friend.

Vital and growing until our lives end.

Even now I can dream of how it will be

Remembering each word that you said to me.

Of course, I’d be honored to be your wife.

Forever and always”, for the rest of my life.