I was given a “hook” which is the un-rhymed refrain and I added the rest of the lyrics to create a song called “Get Away”

Get Away /Song Lyrics

By Rebecca Strecker and Natalya A. Bailets


 Hurrying, worrying through the day

stressing , depressing and rushed.

Thinking about what I’m gonna say

when at last our fingers touch.


Of all the places I dream about

far from reality’s song:

Beaches and sunsets—the crescent moon

were nothing ’till you came along.


Cares vanish softly like a dream

when you are holding me tight.

Like a boat on the Sea of Tranquility…

you calm my torments in the night.


Relaxing in love’s golden afterglow

my spirit feels strong and transformed.

You’ve given me peace like I’ve never known.

With you I can weather the storm.


[Refrain or “hook”]

 You’re my escape whenever I need a hiding place

You’re the one I can always run to

When I’m with you I’m safe, you make everything brighter, baby

You hold the key to my serenity

You’re my get-away…