Josh and Stephany Valentine’s Day Poem

By Rebecca Strecker


I wanted to send you a cute Valentine

that was happy, and funny, and most of all rhyme.


So I sat in the firehouse scratching my head

recalling the way that you hog the whole bed.


I thought of your laugh when I tickle your back.

And the way that you sometimes behave like a brat.


“Dear Shmoopy,” I wrote on the first line

“I want you to be my Love Bug Valentine.”


Eating breakfast I smiled at how you’d panic

because while our food’s great it’s hardly organic.


So while guys in the firehouse chow down and slurp,

I’ll wait until I get home to hear your “BURP”.


Only two years ago we met on a blind date.

Now we’re living together, so it must have been fate.


You were more than a date—you became my best friend.

And your beauty impresses me time and again.


Lucky students soon will enjoy going to school.

You’ll be their favorite teacher explaining the rules.


[My teachers were okay but they couldn’t compare.

If you were in my classroom I’d have walked on air.]


You’re my best friend and lover and this poem was created

to say “Happy Valentine, Stephany” a day belated.


I can’t wait to get home to the place that we share.

I hope that this poem explains how much I care.


One thing I should add—because it’s so true:

without you in my life, I don’t know what I’d do.

Josh is a firefighter and had to be away at work on Valentine’s Day . I completed this special poem for his girlfriend, Stephany within 24 hours and Josh wrote me “Hey Rebecca, I love it! Your a very talented writer.The poem is great! I’ll Definitely use you again in the future! 🙂 Thanks Josh”