National Cat Protection Society features Rebecca’s cat poetry on in their latest magazine, and online too.

See Page 4 for Freddie at the Window

Freddie loves to sit near me

Freddie takes the window seat
in every single room.
In the breakfast nook he watches
as the garden flowers bloom.

In the kitchen he can see the birds
that fly to tree and back,
He makes those funny kitty sounds
as though he will attack.

The family room’s a special place
where he can view the wall
beyond which our neighbors live
who don’t know Fred at all.

But the office is his favorite perch
where I typewrite all my poems.
For there Fred looks across the yard,
to a street he’ll never roam.

He watches kids play with a ball
or other cats like him.
He even sees opossums
who come out when it is dim.

Occasionally a big raccoon
will in the window peek
looking for a playmate
or a red goldfish to eat.

Freddie simply watches all
like a big screen TV.
For he is would rather look outside
and stay inside with me.

From the World Famous “Gorgeously Green” Blog

Aug. 9, 2010

Thinking Greenarrow A PERFECT GIFT  

If you’re looking for a really unique Birthday or Hostess gift – here’s a very cool idea: Why not order a Poem for your loved one. You can go straight to talented poet, Rebecca Strecker, and tell her exactly what you want the poem to be about and which details to include etc. You can then send it either as an email, or embed it in an e-card. A customized poem would also work really well for a special thank you, or a love letter! It’s greener than green, as no resources were used at all and the recipient gets to print out your poem on recycled paper to frame, or transfer to a word document to keep forever. Read Rebecca’s Gorgeously Green Poem:- Read more »

Gorgeously Green

By Rebecca Strecker

If you’re eating organic and recycling your trash

you’ll want to go green and conserve your cash.

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And discussing her best selling book on the air

made “Gorgeously Green” a global affair.

Just follow her blog to stay up-to-date.

from the clothing you buy to the food on your plate.

The Earth friendliest products are mentioned by name.

If they’re good for the planet, they get high acclaim.

She’s lined out which chemicals you should avoid,

to keep Mother Earth from being destroyed.

From Fashion to Fitness sharp gals on the go

read “Gorgeously Green” to stay in the know.

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Going “Gorgeously Green” cannot be beat.

When we all join together to make our Earth clean

our lives will be healthy and “Gorgeously Green”.

From the famous “Whom You Know” Blog

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gorgeous Gifts for Mr. and Ms. Impossible to Shop For: Whom You Know by Poet Rebecca Strecker. Whom You Know recommends Rebecca’s Bespoke Poems!


What do you get for the person that has everything?  Something personal, something that they don’t have yet, and something that usually money can’t buy.  In this case, you can buy it however, and check out the work of Poet Rebecca Strecker in today’s Gorgeous Gifts for Mr. and Ms. Impossible to Shop For:

Whom You Know
by Rebecca Strecker

If you live in Manhattan
or just follow the scene,
get your daily updates
from the ‘internet queen’.

Peachy’s tuned into all
that’s exciting and new,
be it fashion or people
or the latest shampoo.

The best of Manhattan’s
people, places, and style.
Everything that spells CLASS,
Everything that’s worthwhile.

There isn’t a topic
from nightlife to food
that she hasn’t covered
for when you’re in the mood.

Get your updates delivered
to your in-box each day.
Follow Peachy on twitter
for what she has to say.

Stay ‘au courant’.
Stay in the loop.
Be part of Manhattan’s
most elite group.

If you seek to attain
the highest plateau,
as Peachy reminds us:
“It’s WHOM you know”

A native New Yorker, Ms. Strecker makes her home in Southern California with her husband and three cats. Rebecca’s poetry has been featured in print and on the internet. Currently, Ms. Strecker is writing a series of children’s books, and acting as “poet-for-hire,” creating unique commemorative poems for anniversaries, weddings, births, memorials and other milestones.  Clearly if you read the above, you can see she is quite good!

She tells us:

One day, instead of working for a living, I thought I would earn my keep writing poetry. Then the illusion wore off, but unfortunately, I was stuck.
I specialize in writing sentimental verse to commemorate special occasions, anniversaries, weddings, and other milestones, in addition to tributes to people, places and pets. Many of my commissions come from charitable groups. I also contribute my services to any number of these organizations, for silent auctions and other fund raising events. The last poem I had published was in October 2009 in The Tremor Action Network Newsletter (Spikes & Spasms).

Instead of off-the-rack greeting cards, I try to provide contemporary, intimate, poems that not only reflect the event and the people, but bring out personalities and quirks. I don’t want my work to have an institutionalized feel…people reading it should recognize the characters and events. Funny, sad, sentimental. ..the style doesn’t matter. In poetry, it really is the thought that counts. We’ve become such a high-tech, fast-forward, no time to stop and smell the roses world, poetry takes us back to a time when words had meaning, and an heirloom didn’t come in a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

I’ve been providing poems via the internet for three years. I’ve been published on a number of websites and am currently finishing a rhymed children’s book, “Doodle Doods,” which (if all goes well) is scheduled for publication somewhere around the autumn of 2011.

Here is my website:

Posted by Peachy Deegan at 10:17 AM


Rebecca’s Poem “Voices” is featured in Spikes and Spasms, The Tremor Action Newsletter Oct 2009 on page 14