Examples of Personalized poems about YOUR Dog:

I will write the perfect Tribute or Memorial for your Dog



by Rebecca Strecker



I won’t be eating table scraps

or sleeping in the yard.

I feel that in the game of life

I drew the “lucky card”.


So many people saw me

but they picked my litter mates.

I knew that if I waited

I’d find “parents” who were great.


Then you both came to check me out,

and I was so excited.

And from your smiling faces

I could tell you were delighted.


I got to take a car ride

and that was something cool.

There was talk of teaching me some tricks—

I’m gonna go to school!”


When we got to my new home,

I was shown all around.

I met a bird inside its cage

and a tortoise on the ground.


I saw something called “mirror”

and it kind of blew my mind.

I’m wondering what else around

this neat place I will find.


A lot of friends came by today

to see me and to play.

Then I got sort and tired

and slept and dreamed away.


I dreamed about my happy day

and meeting Val and Mark

And I dreamed that one day

they would walk me in the park.


My new name’s fun and formal…

Dexter Cottingham.

I’m a member of the family…

OH YES, that’s who I am!

Sam The Frisby Dog
by Rebecca Strecker

Koko the Black Labrador Pictures 3237

Of all the dogs I ever knew
there was one special one:
My Sam the wacky frisby dog
whose life was about fun.

He lived for playing frisby catch
and leaped so very high
that neighbors would come by to watch
my Sam near touch the sky.

He loved to chomp on water
as it squirted from a hose.
He’d do flips as the water swirled
in circles near his nose.

I bought Sam a red bandanna
and it made him look so cool.
Sam knew that he was special,
and he made up his own rules.


He knew how much I loved him,
that he was my Special Boy
and while he lost his life too soon
he lived his life with joy.

I never will forget Sam
and I know we’ll meet again.
I’ll bring along his frisby
for Sam, my faithful friend.

By Rebecca Strecker
I really didn’t want to go,
but life had lost its joy.
I always knew you loved me
and that I was your boy.

I know you weren’t ready,
but it was my time to leave.
Please remember happy days.
I don’t want you to grieve.

I know it’s hard to hold back tears
and how your heart must ache.
But remember days when we had fun,
and the walks we used to take.

Remember how I used to bark
and jump when I was glad.
Think of funny things I did.
I don’t want you to be sad.

I know you think my life was short,
in human years at least.
But we had love and that’s enough
for me to rest in peace.

by Rebecca Strecker 9/17/08

My heart belongs to Snowball
who only weighs five pounds:
A tiny little ball of fluff
who follows me around.

Too little to jump very high
he stays close to the ground.
To watch him makes me happy
He’s the “best friend” that I found.

Whenever we go for a walk
people stop to pet
My little Snowball doggie
the cutest fellow yet.

He gets attention everywhere
even at a the vet.
For he has more personality
than any dog I’ve met.

My Snowball only weighs five pounds
and is my bodyguard
He’ll bark at any stranger
who comes to our house or yard.

While he mostly is a ball of fur
his muscles are rock hard.
And in the game of poker
Snowball’s the Joker card.

There is no doubt that Snowball
is my very special friend.
He knows that I’m the person
on whom he can depend.

We’re in it for the long haul
Me and Snowy till the end!
If my heart ever gets broken
Snowball will help it mend.

Five little pounds of fluff and fur
of loyalty and love.
make me know that Snowball
is my gift from up above.

by Rebecca Strecker 9/17/08

Buster’s a black Labrador
I got to guard my home.
Indeed he barks at anyone
who near ‘his yard’ will roam.

Except for women and young girls
who pet him through the fence,
it makes me wonder if my guy
has any doggie sense.

I taught Buster a few tricks
when he was a little pup.
Like sitting down and shaking paws
and even standing up.

I sometimes wonder who was trained
when Buster will perform
only for his favorite hot dogs
neatly tossed upon the lawn.

For all the tricks I taught him
we made a little pact
Buster only does them
when he gets a treat or snack.

I always buy him weiners
which he devours by the pack,
in exchange for shaking paws with me
or wiggling on his back.

I guess I’m just a sucker
for his mournful doggie eyes.
But for all his silly antics
I know Buster is my prize.

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