On the 7th year anniversary of his business, a New York business owner had this poem commissioned to thank his consulting staff. When I submitted it for his approval, I got this reply “We have a winner!  This will work perfect.  Thank you so much,  kudos!”

Thank You, CMS Staff

by Rebecca Strecker


I’m sure you’re aware that some companies fail.

And few of them last beyond five years.

Yet at 7, CMS is still going strong!

With many achievements [and some tears].


I won’t say it was easy. We made our mistakes.

But we’ve learned from them, and we got better.

Every client, [no matter how difficult] gets

what he needs down to the letter.


Our consultant staff numbers just about ten

and we don’t hang around much together.

We work remotely by email, cloud or phone,

so we’re busy in fair or foul weather.


Our conversations are a bit different than some

perhaps you would call it ironic.

There is no water cooler to gather around.

We instead use all means electronic.


We recognize each other’s voices so well

that a conference call is our “staff meeting”.

So while we work we can toss thoughts around.

You could call it CMS tweeting.


But you know this story because it was YOU

who helped CMS get it’s footing.

By bringing a good attitude every day

with behavior that’s never off putting.


YOU come to each client with knowledge and skills.

That you hone ever sharper each day.

You show them how to make their business succeed

right here in the US of A.


So THANKS to you ALL for what you do

and for making our company thrive.

I’m proud and I’m humble and because of YOU

CMS has done more than survive.


And though I may not say it often enough,

[because sometimes it’s hard to express],

Thanks for sticking with me when things were tough

You’re the heart and soul of CMS.

Thank you, Ru
by Rebecca Strecker

Was it a bit of rotten luck
or a part of growing old?
“It can happen at any age”
was what the doctor told.

What I was alluding to
was my awful shoulder pain.
“An operation’s what you need”
was the MD’s refrain.

So I “bit the bullet” and agreed,
the surgery proceeded.
But then I found, to my dismay,
assistance sorely needed.

I couldn’t even tie my shoe.
And driving was a chore.
I couldn’t cook my dinner,
as I felt so weak and sore.

Then Ru came to my rescue
and did my laundry too.
She stayed with me and cared for me
and really pulled me through.

I’m nearly well and it’s because
my sweet Ru saved the day.
The gratefulness I feel for Ru
I simply can’t convey.

Ru was thrilled with her poem. She told her boyfriend “I love this poem! No one ever wrote a poem for me before, and I really appreciate that you had one written especially for me! It’s just PERFECT!”