Thanksgiving Prayer
by Rebecca Strecker

As our family gathers
we’re reminded of the past
of how Grandma came from Russia
across the sea so vast.

How she made due with so little.
How she struggled all her life,
how she taught her children values
in spite of all her strife.

Her children were our parents,
and they too have left the earth.
our children now have have children
in our family’s rebirth.

We are grateful for those present
and for those no longer here.
We remember Uncle Izzy
and Aunt Marion so dear.

We are blessed to have each other,
Family love precious as gold;
Surrounded by protective walls
that keep out the winter’s cold.

We are thankful for our health
and the ability to pay
for medicines and treatments
that help us every day.

We’re reminded of the beauty
and the eyes with which to see
the blessings God has granted
upon which we all agree.

With Faith we share our bounty
and know Thy will be done
as surely as we witness
each rising of the sun.