Poems2 Order offers personalized poetry for every occasion.

Have a professional poet write a rhymed [or free verse] poem just for you or a loved one.


A poem is a beautiful way to say “I love you”, “I’ll never forget you”,
and “you are in my heart.” It’s an unforgettable way to say “Good Luck”, “I wish you happiness”,
and “you have touched my heart”. A beautiful personal poem can make you laugh or cry,
it can bring a light touch of whimsy, paint a never-to-be-forgotten word picture,
and become a family heirloom and tradition for generations to come.

A keepsake for a lifetime at a reasonable price, suitable for framing.

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for a poem that will be treasured forever.

Writing poetry for you is my passion and my only business.

It is not a sideline, so I have time to devote to your special poems.

Turnaround time can be as short as a week or even less

once you provide the information you want incorporated into your unique poem.

How Do You Say?©
By Rebecca Strecker

How do you say
I miss you today”
with more than a Hallmark
greeting cliche?

How do you say
Please be my wife”
when you’ve been tongue tied
most of your life?

How do you say
Thanks for the loan”
in a way more heartfelt
than two words on the phone?

Cards and e-greetings
say congratulations”
but can’t mention names
or recount situations.

Poems2Order expresses
the thoughts in your heart.
Because you are unique.
It sets you apart.

If you want what you say
to be reread for years
Rebecca can create
both laughter and tears.

So send her a line
and say what you need
she guarantees
you’ll be happy indeed.

Set her words to music.
Put it into a frame.
Sit back and wait
for the joy and acclaim.

When your own words are stale
when your own words are trite.
Poems2Order will make them
sound witty and bright.

No time to sit down?
No time to compose?
The solution is sitting
right under your nose.

Contact Poems2Order
and your troubles are through.
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but not I.O.U.