Pet Memorial Poetry

The death of a beloved pet is a heartbreaking experience. It can be as devastating as the death of a family member.  There are many ways to deal with the sorrow.  An especially meaningful way is to commission a unique personalized poem about your pet. I can put your pet’s life story into beautiful poetic form. Many people print out these poems and frame them as a lasting memory of their pet. Or perhaps you want to say how sorry you are to a friend whose beloved pet has recently died. Nothing is more thoughtful than a personalized pet memorial poem.  Contact me at

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I will create the perfect poetic memorial,  a beautiful reminder of your most precious cat or dog. I guarantee you will be more than pleased and  I will rewrite the poem up to three times to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Here are some examples:


by Rebecca Strecker


hamster wheel

They said she was “only a hamster”.

She hardly weighed over a pound.

But how I loved to watch her on her wheel

running around and around.

They said “We’ll get you another…

next time we go to the mall.”

But Sonya was someone special .

How she’d come when I would call.

I know that in time I’ll say “OK”

and another will live in her cage.

A new little hamster will run on her wheel

who is younger –perhaps half her age.

But I’ll always remember my Sonya

and I’ll think of the fun that we had.

And thoughts of Sonya that bring me to tears

someday will make me feel glad.

This poem was written for my dear friends whose hamster died unexpectedly today. Isn’t it funny how a little scrap of life can bring so much joy, and so much sorrow when it leaves.

Goodbye, Sweet Kitty©

by Rebecca Strecker

I hear somebody calling

from a place I can’t quite see.

They’re calling “Kitty Kitty”,

and I know they’re calling me.


In all the years that I have lived

I always loved to eat.

But now food doesn’t beckon me.

I don’t want my special treat.


I used to feel so frisky.

I could jump the wall and play.

My legs don’t seem to have the spring

they used to yesterday.


And Mary sits there worrying.

She’s loved me for so long.

I know that she will miss me

but I must leave. Is that wrong?


She’ll take me to the doctor.

and her eyes will fill with tears.

How can somebody say “goodbye”

to one they’ve loved for years?


And then she’ll start to wonder,

“What’s it like where I have gone?”

I wish that I could tell her

that it’s great, and I’ve grown strong.


Angels are watching over me

in this peaceful, pretty place.

So Mary, please don’t feel so sad.

Let me see your smiling face.


Now that I’m here I always dream

of happy days with you.

And we’ll be reunited

when your days on Earth are through.

Mary dreaded telling neighbors and friends of Kitty’s passing, so I wrote this for her

Have You Noticed?©

By Rebecca Strecker


Have you noticed that I’m missing?

That I’ve not been coming ’round?

Have you looked for me and noticed

that I’m nowhere to be found?


Did you take a walk past Mary’s house

and hoped that I’d be there,

sitting calmly on my special rock

and looking debonaire?


Did you think of how I’d come around

to get my special treat?

How pretty my white coat would flow,

my fluffy pink pawed feet?


Do you ever look into the sky

and see that special blue

that matched my sparkling violet eyes

as they looked up to you?


I must admit I had to go,

and could not say goodbye.

Someone called “Kitty Kitty”

from way up in the sky.


I had no time for farewells.

No time to reminisce.

No time to have you scoop me up

and give me one last kiss.


Mary stroked me gently

and told me words so true:

There never was a finer

or more special cat than you.”


I’m in a place that’s peaceful,

and I’m strong and in my prime.

Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of me

when I visit you sometime.


Of course these trips are fleeting.

I’m not allowed to stay.

I hope these visits make you glad

and brighten up your day.


You’ll see me in the shadows.

I’ll hide beneath a tree.

I can go any place I want,

for now I’m truly free.


So whenever you see me

from the corner of your eye

Remember that love only grows,

true love can never die.


by Rebecca Strecker


You were more than just a dog to me.

You were my trusted friend.

You had that trick you loved to do

and did it ’till the end.

You snuggled close and shared my bed

even when you took ill.

And now my heart is broken

feeling weary, sad, and still.

Each morning you would greet me:

smiling face and shining eyes.

I’d wake to get your breakfast

as the sun would start to rise.

And now the sun will rise again

but Molly won’t be there.

You’ll live forever in my heart.

Forever in my care.

You’ll join the others that I’ve loved,

throughout the years gone by.

They gave me all the love they had.

Why must our best friends die?


by Rebecca Strecker


Flame Point Siamese.jpg

He was everybody’s lover boy…everybody’s friend.
A big strong healthy kitty with a purr that wouldn’t end.

Whenever I would come around, he’d let me pick him up.
Mary would come and check on him and fill his water cup.

He always was so mellow…a pal to Steve and me.
“Mom” never saw you sleeping underneath her SUV.

The vet said that your bones would heal, but you decided “No”.
and went away to Rainbow Bridge where “Mom” sent Red to go.

Old Red shared your Friskies but he never had a home.
A damaged eye–a scruffy coat–afraid and all alone.

“Mom” couldn’t stand to see him when her Furby was so ill.
She called Animal Control and they gave Red the poison pill.

Then you decided “Time to leave,” and closed your pretty eyes.
In a moment you were on the Bridge beneath the bluest skies.

Red’s healthy now and whole again as are you, Furby, dear.
Both at the Bridge where life goes on so far and yet so near.

Bothwell at The Bridge©
By Rebecca Strecker
Diego looked at Blancha
then Walter and Mr Grey.
Do you see who’s coming up the road
in a timid kind of way?”
I think that cat is Bothwell!
He looks so young and strong.
I could be mistaken.
Do you think I am wrong?”
Walter was feeling frisky.
Hey Bothwell!” he called out.
Then everybody joined in
with a caterwauling shout.
He’s coming and he’s running!
He’s leaping in the air!
He looks so very happy!
He hasn’t got a care!”
Is that you, Diego?
Am I at “Rainbow Bridge”?
I saw a blinding white light
which I followed to a ridge.”
You’re here and I’m Diego.
You dawdled quite a while.
I guess you never tired
of watching Dear Ann smile.”
Let me introduce your cousins:
Walter and Mr Grey.
They lived in California
3000 miles away.”
“Their Mom and Ann are schwesters
They attended the same school.
So we are all related.
It’s an understated rule.”
We’re happy that you found us.
Now the fun can start.
If you look through these wispy clouds
you can see into Ann’s heart.”
She has a place for all of us.
Some day we all will meet.
And then we’ll enter Heaven
which I have been told is neat.”
“But first let’s all think very hard–
Tell Ann to dry her tears.
And let her know that when she speaks
to us, we are all ears.”


By Rebecca Strecker

Dec. 14, 2010

My life was a good and long one.

I didn’t want to leave.

The last thing I would ever do

was make my Dear Ann grieve.

Throughout my final illness

you gave me so much care.

I fought to keep on going.

I could not cause you despair.

But Christmas was approaching

and I’d heard about “The Bridge”

I wanted to go visit

my old friends up on the ridge.

I miss you now that I am gone.

But for me it isn’t bad.

I met up with my old friends,

Looking down I see you’re sad.

Time’s different on “The Bridge”, you know.

What seems like years to you

is over in an instant.

Then our lives begin anew.

So please don’t cry.

Remember me: our years of fun and joy!

Lock me up tight within your heart.

I’ll always be your boy.

When it’s your time, just think of me.

I’ll meet you at the gate.

I’ll be watching for you from “The Bridge”.

I won’t be a second late.

You’ll recognize me with a glance.

I will be young and strong.

Then we’ll be led to Heaven

when an angel comes along.

Oh My God. That was the most touching, beautiful, comforting poem I ever read. Thank you so much. I’ve already printed the first poem and will put it in a frame beside Bothwell’s  ashes when I get them. I will print and frame this one too. They’ve both brought me incredible solace. The poignancy of your words are powerful and moving. They express so much love and sensitivity. Bless you and from the bottom of my heart thank you schwester.
love always


May 1991-June 20, 2008

Awaiting Ann at Rainbow Bridge
Awaiting Ann at Rainbow Bridge

Ann named me Juan Diego and I was lucky from the start.
She fed me when I showed up and she took me to her heart.

One day she saw me injured and she brought me to the vet.
Although I was an Alpha Cat, I became her loving pet.

I joined her other kitties, but I was still the king.
I called the shots and ruled the roost because that was my thing.

Blancha died before me and although she’s out of sight
She recently came to me in a dream I had at night.

She told me that an angel came and took her far away,
to a place where she was young again had food and time to play.

Blancha told me that she’d meet me, so I had no fear to die.
She said death was like a “So long”,not a permanent goodbye.

So now I’m here with Blancha and I’m feeling pretty great.
And we’ll enjoy this lovely place ‘till Ann meets us at the gate.

We’ll have a grand reunion, and all of us will hug.
And then we’ll live forever, surrounded in God’s love.

I received this message from Ann Selva:
“Your beautiful poem arrived today and I’m shaking and crying as I read your exquisite words. You captured so many aspects of Diego. I will treasure that poem always. I will display it and when Diego’s ashes arrive, it will be placed alongside him for all to read. What a loving, touching tribute to Diego.”

Sam The Frisby Dog
by Rebecca Strecker

Koko the Black Labrador Pictures 3237


Of all the dogs I ever knew
there was one special one:

My Sam the wacky frisby dog

whose life was about fun.

He lived for playing frisby catch
and leaped so very high
that neighbors would come by to watch
my Sam near touch the sky.

He loved to chomp on water
as it squirted from a hose.
He’d do flips as the water swirled
in circles near his nose.

I bought Sam a red bandanna
and it made him look so cool.

Sam knew that he was special,

and he made up his own rules.
He knew how much I loved him,
that he was my Special Boy
and while he lost his life too soon
he lived his life with joy .
I never will forget Sam
and I know we’ll meet again.
I’ll bring along his frisby
for Sam, my faithful friend.

By Rebecca Strecker
I really didn’t want to go,
but life had lost its joy.
I always knew you loved me
and that I was your boy.

I know you weren’t ready,
but it was my time to leave.
Please remember happy days.
I don’t want you to grieve.

I know it’s hard to hold back tears
and how your heart must ache.
But remember days when we had fun,
and the walks we used to take.

Remember how I used to bark
and jump when I was glad.
Think of funny things I did.
I don’t want you to be sad.

I know you think my life was short,
in human years at least.
But we had love and that’s enough
for me to rest in peace.


500 Days
By Rebecca Strecker
We only had five hundred days before you left the Earth.
We only had five hundred days of happiness and mirth.
I blamed yourself for your demise because you ran away.
To sow your wildest kitty oats beyond the wide freeway.
I didn’t know to neuter you. The vet did not advise.
I only heard your gentle purr and saw your golden eyes.
I posted photos everywhere when you did not come come.
It wasn’t like you ever to miss dinner or to roam.
Then I got a phone call of a woman in our tract:
“On the freeway was a fur coat or else maybe our cat”.
We rushed to see if it was you. My heart broke when I saw.
How crushed your body had become. Your lifeless tail and paw.
We took you home and buried you beneath the backyard tree.
I sat there when the grass grew back remembering you and me.
You’re at the Bridge waiting for me until our days restart.
Five hundred days on Earth, Henry. Forever in my heart.
I wrote this poem to commemorate the anniversary of the death of our dear cat, Henry who died at the age of 18 months.



I wish I could have stayed

to spend another Summer’s day.

But it was time for me to leave,

Sometimes it’s just that way.


You picked me from so many dogs

to be your faithful friend.

You gave me love, you gave me care.

Until the very end.


You shared me with your family.

A “family dog” was I.

Now looking down from Rainbow Bridge

I’m sad to see you cry.


Remember me in times to come.

Think of the fun we shared.

When Summertime next rolls around,

remember, and be glad.


Amelia Rose
by Rebecca Strecker 10/7/18
Pat found me at the Rose Bowl,
which is how I got my name.
I was searching for a new home,
but my searches were in vain.
Frank thought that I was pretty.
And so I was taken home.
They cleaned my matted dirty coat
with a brush and a flea comb.
They tried to find my owner.
But they figured I was dumped,
because I had health issues
including thyroid lumps.
Pat had that taken care of
and bought me special food.
I also needed shots and pills
to keep me feeling good.
The years rolled by so quickly.
I began to show my age.
Sometimes my brother Good Boy
would attack me in a rage.
I carried on as best I could
although my limbs were stiff.
Pat was my protector
when GB got into a tiff.
They called me “geriatric”.
I think that means I’m old.
My time on Earth is ending soon.
That’s what I’ve been told.
My last years were my best years.
I felt love, and I got care.
I know the kitty life I lived
was good beyond compare.
When I go to Rainbow Bridge,
they say I’ll feel no pain.
Pat and Frank will stroke my coat.
Sounds will fade as gentle rain.
They say the Bridge will change me:
To a kitten– strong and sweet.
Then I’ll wait for you Dear Pat
when again we two shall meet.
You’ll pick me up and kiss me
as you did in days gone by.
And we’ll cross the Bridge to Heaven
Where our love can never die.
We’ll have a grand reunion.
Heaven’s gate will open wide.
And Jesus will be smiling
as He welcomes us inside.
Pat wrote “That was beautiful.  It brought me to tears. 
I’ll keep it forever.  Thank you.”